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Fabcraft is the only supplier of aftermarket parts for most older model sleds back to the mid 1990's


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Fabcraft is one of the oldest snowmobile aftermarket companies
in the industry and if you look at the OEM sleds,
you will see several of our products that were copied:

We were the first to bring out the Semi Rigid Mountain Bar which
some copied exactly.

We were the first with the Open Tunnel-Runningboard which
was blatently copied.

We had the first Rolled Chain Case for the older model Arctic Cat.

But one thing we have that they don't, are the Original products that are individually made from the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, not on an assembly line with inferior materials.
Plus you also get superior customer service and assistance that comes with every product you purchase.

And now those same OEM's wont support the older models.
Fabcraft does! Our whole product line still supports sleds from
the mid 1990's.


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