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One of the best ways to camp is with your ATV. Hook up a camp trailer and fill it with the necessities and the extras that make camping more enjoyable! Go beyond the campgrounds and into the woods for a more fun filled camping experience!



** Hunters - what a great way to go hunting. Have all your gear, food and extra fuel to take you deep into the woods and then let the camp trailer haul out your meat!


Handles most terrain!


Our ATV Camp Trailer is large enough to hold multiple sleeping bags, tents, cooler, food, pans, water and assorted "stuff", plus the sink and shelving!



2 Models to choose from:

The EXPLORER - Single Axle


The FREIGHTER - Tandem Axle



            • Aluminum frame
            • Torsion axles (500 or 1000 lb)
            • 1 7/8" locking ball hitch (2" available)
            • Front gas rack
            • 2 point tongue attachment for added strength
            • Tires - 22x11x10, 4 ply bias for better stability
            • Lid - weather sealed; gas shocks (mounted to inside); locking latches; cargo rack




            • 250 lbs
            • Interior dimensions - 48x44x22
            • Interior cubic feet - 22cf. This is true usable space taking the wheel wells into consideration



            • 400 lbs
            • Interior dimensions - 60x44x22
            • Interior cubic feet - 27cf. This is true usable space taking the wheel wells into consideration



Custom made to order to fit your needs and price range!



    .100 Diamond Plate or .100 smooth Aluminum
    Single LED light (for brake and tail lights) or
    Dual LED lights (for brake, tail light and turn signals)
    Pre-wired for battery (can run electric cooler, electronics, etc)


    Optional Accessories that are available:

    Fabcraft ATV Trailer

    This is the Camp Trailer with all the accessories added!
    See below for each specific item.



Fabcraft ATV Trailer Sink

The complete sink (jug included)

Fabcraft ATV Trailer Sink
Close-up of Sink

Fabcraft ATV Trailer sink
Sink packs easily inside the trailer

Fabcraft ATV Trailer

Fabcraft ATV Trailer

Trays - 2 will fit on the rear, and 1 fits next to the sink

Fabcraft ATV Trailer

Fabcraft ATV Trailer

Outdoor Carpet
(bottom picture is what comes standard)
Fabcraft ATV Trailer

Safety Chain Kit (1 7/8" or 2" ball)

Fabcraft ATV Trailer
Battery box w/ 2-12volt receptacles (battery not included)

Extra Gas Racks:
For front and/or rear choose either a single or dual size 5 gal.

For the side racks, choose 1 side or both, each holds 2 2.5gal cans



Features that set us apart from other manufacturers

Tail Lights Options: We have single LED or dual tail/brake/signal lights with corner reflectors.

Tires: We us 4-ply side walls for tougher tires. They are also low profile/wide bias tires for better stability when cornering, steering on steep side slopes, or driving up and down deep moguls.Wheels can be upgraded to DOT approved type for highway licensing.

Wheels: Aluminum for rust-free service

Lid : Gas shocks are mounted to the inside so they are protected form dirt, mud and other outside elements. All models have 2.
Latches are adjustable, and the lid has a dust seal to keep out the trail dust.

Tongue: We use a 2 point tongue attachment at the front and the center of the frame. This helps to distribute load stress so it's not all on the front

Axles: Axle weights can be misleading. Of the 300 lb trailer weight, only 170 lbs is sprung weight on the axles. The other 130 lbs is unsprung weight which does not affect load ratings. Therefore, we chose to use 500# torsion axles due to its smoother ride than the larger rated ones. This still allows for loads in excess of 600 lbs. For those who think their loads will be rather large, we do offer a 1000 lb axle. We use "Reliable" brand torsion stub axles, which are individual axle assemblies. If one axle is damaged, it can be replaced; unlike a one piece torsion axle assembly where the entire unit must be replaced. Our axles are also sealed with roller bearings, suitable for highway and offroad use.

Accessories: We designed this trailer for camping and hunting so the sink, shelving and extra fuel saddles are important features to make your outdoor adventure more enjoyable. On our 8-day trip we were able to travel for days without having to find a town for fuel. The sink is great for having fresh water available that does not have to be boiled for safety; and the shelves work perfect for prepping food, cleaning fish, etc. The deep cycle battery box can power an electric cooler or other electronic devices.


Fabcraft has always prided itself for being a completely custom manufacturer. We do not do assembly line processing nor do we have someone else build our products for us. Each item is made in our shop in Montana by hand either in stock form or with special options requested by the customer. While this can increase our prices over other manufacturers, we feel customers are getting exceptionally high quality that comes from hand made products and personal customer service.






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